“Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”

-Albert Einstein, a project affiliated with SHAMIM, is a platform and series of ideas how to restore universal harmony. As our two brain hemisphere shape our reality, we need to rectify our plastic brains, in order to rectify the world.

We show why and how we can use theological concepts to change our lifestyles in order to rectify our plastic brains using the framework of neuroscience.

By analyzing the political, economic and social issues in today’s world, we recognize that we live in an unequal, asymmetrical, evolving and extraordinarily interconnected universe. We experience the world through projections of our brains, which are divided into two unequal, asymmetrical, evolving and extraordinarily interconnected hemispheres.

Our brain changes its structure and function in response to experience. It changes in response to our actions, communications and even to thinking, imaging and meditating. Most of the time, we’re not aware that our brain is constantly changing by the forces around us for our entire lifespan.

“Humanity is going to require a substantially new way of thinking if it is to survive.”

-Albert Einstein

A true enlightenment requires a revolution in the way we think, which requires reshaping our plastic brains. This, in turn, requires us to change our thoughts, words and actions, which requires a new type of educational system, which requires new teachers, which requires a radical change in our culture. This ultimately leads us to require appointing leaders who have harmony among their two brain hemispheres. Therefore, we need to seek out and select new leaders.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

-Albert Einstein

“Choose the right leaders, because they mold our culture.
Our culture will identify our teachers,
our teachers will assemble our education,
our education will shape our brain,
our brain will form our thoughts,
our thoughts will become our words,
our words will become our actions,
our actions will become our habits,
our habits will become our character,
our character will form our destiny,
and our destiny becomes our life.”

“The brains of our leaders determine our lives and the lives of our progeny.”

-R. B.

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